What We Do

New-Indy operates four mills producing 750,000 tons of recycled containerboard per year, a recycled materials business that handles more than 1.5 million tons of old corrugated containers per year, and two full-line corrugated packaging businesses manufacturing 3.1 billion square feet of shipping containers per year. Additionally, the Catawba pulp and paper mill is one of the most diverse and efficient mill operations in the industry through its production of market pulp, lightweight coated papers and specialty grades. Following conversion to containerboard grades, the mill will produce over 400,000 tons per year of high-quality, ultra-lightweight virgin linerboard.


New-Indy produces high-quality containerboard and lightweight, high-performance communication papers to serve customer’s needs. Products range from corrugated, foam, wood, crate and pallet protective packaging to retail and promotional packaging to retail displays, merchandising solutions and mix media solutions.


New-Indy offers all steps of the packaging development process in-house with integrated engineering, graphic design and tooling centers to provide customers with a seamless packaging solution. Services include, but are not limited to: engineering, ISTA testing, graphics and digital, supply chain and fulfillment, eCommerce and customer support.

It’s Not What We Make, But What We Make Possible

New-Indy Containerboard’s mills receive more than 100 truckloads of old corrugated containers (OCC) on a daily basis. This material is reduced to a slurry and then re-formed to create new containerboard. The recycled paper is then sent to box plants throughout our local markets. Each of the two California locations has a co-generation power plant that not only provides 100 percent of the mill’s electrical power needs, but also supplies power to thousands of California homes and businesses through New-Indy’s partnership with Southern California Edison.

In addition, the mills purchase recycled water from the local utilities, and our processes conserve water by recycling it multiple times. Over the years, New-Indy’s mills have undergone major improvements, including the installation of advanced air emissions control equipment (which reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides), waste-water treatment plants, which clean and recycle waste-water and numerous other upgrades.

We believe our focus on environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes and supply chain solutions enable us to maintain a strong business presence in the markets we serve.

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